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RHFAC Professional Certified

Before starting Accessible Places, I completed Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification TM (RHFAC). Rick Hansen Foundation is a registered charity.

I wrote the CSA Group independent examination for my certification. CSA is an independent third-party organization that makes the final Certification.

I am certified to measure the level of meaningful access to your site. I look forward to the opportunity to rate your Site and determine its accessibility.

Why Accessibility MATTERS.


How do you start?

Here are six steps towards completing an RHFAC rating and celebrating your achievement.

  1. Determine which Site (s) you want to be rated.

  2. Find a designated RHFAC Professional. I am listed in this directory.

  3. Register your Organization and then your Site (s) on the RHFAC Registry.

  4. Schedule an on-site visit with your RHFAC Professional.

  5. Complete the registration of your Site and make your payment.

  6. Celebrate your rating on your Scorecard and showcase your Site’s accessibility.

Man in Wheelchair and Woman Having A Business Lunch Meeting Together

Accessibility Consultation

We do a complete assessment of your space, either residential or commercial to determine your Accessibility Needs.

We present our findings, make our suggestions, and give you a complete consultation report to decide what you would like to do to improve your space.

An online catalogue of products in our shop is available to you and services available for proper installation by qualified contractors.

We are here to help you make the right decisions. After all, it is a place for all”.

A construction worker planning out construction designs to ensure the designs are accessible for all clients.


Our Pre-Construction Rating is through our RHFAC Professional Service. Adjudication is through the RHFAC Registry Program. Certification is through a third party, CSA Group, to ensure independent and impartial evaluation of your site.

We meet with owners, architects and designers to make accessibility recommendations following building codes. We submit a thorough and complete report of our findings.

In the Pre-Construction phase, it is essential to include all the Accessibility Recommendations made during the planning stages. This avoids costly changes during the construction phase.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to review your plans. We are happy to discuss all the options available to you.

We are here to help you achieve your goals because this is a place for all.