Electric Lift Foldable Patient Transfer Sling


The Electric Lift Foldable Patient Transfer Sling: Enhancing Mobility and Comfort during Transfers


The Electric Lift Foldable Patient Transfer Sling is a battery-powered sling designed to safely lift and transfer patients weighing up to 150kg. Made of durable iron, plastic and nylon materials, it features an electric lift mechanism and joystick control for easy maneuvering.

With a maximum lifting range of 35cm from 40cm to 75cm height, the sling is suitable for transferring patients between beds, wheelchairs, and other surfaces. Its compact dimensions of 125x77x60cm allow passage through doors at least 55cm wide.

Suitable for home, hospital and nursing home use, the sling can be used for lifting, toileting, bathing and wheelchair transfers. It has two front wheels with brakes and an IP44 waterproof rating, making it a versatile solution for patient handling needs. Patent-protected, the XFL-QX-YW07 safely lifts and moves patients through joystick control with the touch of a button.

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Product name‚Äč

Electric Lift Foldable Patient Transfer Sling

Model No.‚Äč

XFL-QX-YW07¬† ‚Äč


Iron, Plastic, Nylon‚Äč

Maximum Loading Weight¬†‚Äč

150 kg‚Äč

Power Supply‚Äč

Battery, rechargeable‚Äč

Power Rating‚Äč

¬†96 W‚Äč


DC 24 V‚Äč

Lifting Range‚Äč

35 cm, from 40 cm to 75 cm.‚Äč



Waterproof Level‚Äč



Home, Hospital, Nursing Home‚Äč


Electric Lift‚Äč, Joystick Control


Patient Transfer, Patient Lift, Toilet, Bath Chair, Wheelchair‚Äč




The Two Front Wheels Have Brakes

Minimum Door Width That The Chair Can Pass‚Äč

¬†At least 55 cm‚Äč

Suitable Bed‚Äč Dimensions‚Äč

Height of bed from 11 cm to 63 cm‚Äč


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