Electric Lift Patient Transfer Chair


The Electric Lift Patient Transfer Chair: A Versatile Solution for Patient Care and Mobility Assistance


The Electric Lift Patient Transfer Chair is an innovative and reliable device designed to provide seamless patient transfer and mobility assistance in various settings such as homes, hospitals, and nursing homes. Crafted with sturdy iron and durable plastic materials, this ensures the Electric Lift Patient Transfer Chair has strength and longevity. Cushion included for Model YW01-1 only.

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With a maximum loading weight of 150 kg, the Electric Lift Patient Transfer Chair offers robust support for individuals requiring assistance during transfers. Powered by a rechargeable battery, it provides convenience and flexibility, eliminating the need for constant connection to an electrical outlet. The rated power of 96 W, coupled with a DC 24 V voltage, ensures efficient and smooth operation.

The Electric Lift Patient Transfer Chair features an adjustable lifting range of 25 cm, allowing for precise positioning and accommodating different transfer needs. The lift can smoothly elevate from 40 cm to 65 cm, enabling safe and comfortable transfers between various surfaces. Its dimensions of 123 cm in height, 72.5 cm in width, and 54.5 cm in depth strike a balance between stability and manoeuvrability.

Designed with practicality in mind, the Electric Lift Patient Transfer Chair boasts an IP54 waterproof level, ensuring durability and protection against water splashes, making it suitable for use in bathrooms and wet environments. Its versatility is further enhanced by its multifunctional capabilities, serving as a Patient Lift, Toilet Chair, Bath Chair, and Wheelchair. Adjusting the chair is made easy using the included Joystick controls.

The Electric Lift Patient Transfer Chair also holds a patent, a testament to its unique design and advanced features. Equipped with two front wheels featuring brakes, it guarantees stability and safety during transfers, preventing unintended movement when stationary. Moreover, it is engineered to fit through doorways with a width of at least 55 cm, enabling smooth navigation and accessibility throughout different areas.

This exceptional Electric Lift Patient Transfer Chair is specifically designed to accommodate various bed heights, accommodating a range from 11 cm to 63 cm. Its user-friendly controls and ergonomic design ensure ease of use for both caregivers and patients, promoting a comfortable and efficient transfer experience.

Whether aiding patient transfers, assisting with personal hygiene routines, or providing mobility support, the Electric Lift Patient Transfer Chair is a reliable and versatile solution. Offering a harmonious blend of functionality, durability, and convenience, this Electric Lift Patient Transfer Chair is a valuable addition to any care environment, enhancing the quality of life for patients and facilitating the work of caregivers.


Product name¬†‚Äč

Electric Lift Patient Transfer Chair‚Äč

Model No.‚Äč



Iron, Plastic‚Äč

Maximum Loading Weight¬†‚Äč

150 kg‚Äč

Power Supply‚Äč

Battery, rechargeable‚Äč

Power Rating‚Äč

¬†96 W‚Äč


DC 24 V‚Äč

Lifting Range‚Äč

25 cm, from 40 cm to 65 cm.‚Äč



Waterproof Level‚Äč



Home, Hospital, Nursing Home‚Äč


Electric Lift‚Äč


Patient Transfer, Patient Lift, Toilet, Bath Chair, Wheelchair‚Äč




The Two Front Wheels Have Brakes‚Äč

Minimum Door Width That The Chair Can Pass‚Äč

¬†At least 55 cm‚Äč

Suitable Bed‚Äč Dimensions

Height of bed from 11 cm to 63 cm‚Äč

Additional information

Backrest Included?

Yes, No


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