Electric Lift Patient Transfer Sling


The Electric Lift Patient Transfer Sling: Enhancing Mobility and Comfort during Transfers


The Electric Lift Patient Transfer Sling is a state-of-the-art device designed to facilitate seamless and safe transfers for patients. Crafted with a combination of sturdy iron, durable plastic, and high-quality nylon materials, this sling-type electric lift ensures both strength and utmost comfort.

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With a maximum loading weight of 150 kg, the Electric Lift Patient Transfer Sling provides reliable support for individuals requiring assistance during transfers. It is powered by a rechargeable battery, offering the convenience of wireless operation and eliminating the need for constant connection to an electrical outlet. With a rated power of 96 W and a voltage of DC 24 V, it delivers efficient and smooth lifting functionality.

The Electric Lift Patient Transfer Sling features an adjustable lifting range of 25 cm, allowing for precise positioning and accommodating various transfer requirements. It smoothly elevates from 40 cm to 65 cm, ensuring safe and comfortable transfers between different surfaces. With dimensions measuring 123 cm in height, 72.5 cm in width, and 54.5 cm in depth, it strikes a balance between stability and maneuverability.

Engineered with practicality and reliability in mind, the Electric Lift Patient Transfer Sling possesses an IP54 waterproof level. This feature enhances durability and protects against water splashes, making it suitable for use in home, hospital, and nursing home environments. Its versatile design allows it to function as a patient lift, aiding in toilet transfers, serving as a bath chair, and even functioning as a wheelchair when needed.

The Electric Lift Patient Transfer Sling holds a patent, demonstrating its unique design and advanced features. Equipped with two front wheels, both of which are equipped with brakes, it ensures stability and safety during transfers. The inclusion of brakes prevents unintended movement, providing additional security and peace of mind. Moreover, it is designed to pass through doorways with a minimum width of 55 cm, enabling effortless navigation and accessibility in various spaces.

This remarkable Electric Lift Patient Transfer Sling is specifically designed to accommodate a wide range of bed heights, from 11 cm to 63 cm. Its user-friendly controls and ergonomic design guarantee ease of use for both caregivers and patients, promoting a comfortable and efficient transfer experience.

Whether it’s assisting with patient transfers, facilitating toileting or bathing, or providing versatile mobility support as a wheelchair, the Electric Lift Patient Transfer Sling is a reliable and indispensable solution. Its exceptional functionality, durability, and convenience make it an invaluable asset in enhancing patient care and improving overall mobility. Experience the benefits of this electric lift sling, designed to prioritize the well-being and comfort of patients in a variety of settings, including home, hospital, and nursing home environments.

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Product name‚Äč

Electric Lift Patient Transfer Sling

Model No.‚Äč



Iron, Plastic, Nylon‚Äč

Maximum Loading Weight¬†‚Äč

150 kg‚Äč

Power Supply‚Äč

Battery, rechargeable‚Äč

Power Rating‚Äč

¬†96 W‚Äč


DC 24 V‚Äč

Lifting Range‚Äč

25 cm, from 40 cm to 65 cm.‚Äč



Waterproof Level‚Äč



Home, Hospital, Nursing Home‚Äč


Electric Lift‚Äč


Patient Transfer, Patient Lift, Toilet, Bath Chair, Wheelchair‚Äč




The Two Front Wheels Have Brakes

Minimum Door Width That The Chair Can Pass‚Äč

¬†At least 55 cm‚Äč

Suitable Bed‚Äč Dimensions‚Äč

Height of bed from 11 cm to 63 cm‚Äč


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