The ULTI-MAT enables carers to rapidly and safely evacuate people with mobility problems in an emergency.

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The ULTI-MAT enables carers to rapidly and safely evacuate people with mobility problems in an emergency.

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The ULTI-MAT is designed to be small and compact as well as being very hard wearing. The unit in constructed of highly durable fabric with a foam pad for comfort and is available in standard and bariatric sizes.

The ULTI-MAT consists of a single piece of very strong webbing which runs the full length of the unit encapsulating both head and foot end pulling straps, together with the two body straps for tall and short patients along with a leg strap. Once the patient is on the unit they can be enveloped for security by the wings on either side then secured by the webbing and buckles and pulled to safety by means of the head and foot pull straps. On the base of the unit are four carrying handles in high visibility yellow. The ULTI-MAT can be rolled up into its self contained pouch/foot pocket for convenient compact storage.


Long pulling straps

Located at both head and feet to allow for multiple users

Secure winged body protection

Completely encloses the legs and arms

(with the option of having arms out) for passenger stabilization

Heavy duty strap clips

For increased passenger safety

Self contained foot pocket/carry bag

For passenger safety an comfort when being used and doubles as compact carry bag for easy storage

Adjustable Straps

Curls the ULTI-MAT around the passenger, allowing it to  fit patients of all sizes

Padded mini mattress

Situated under the body for added comfort during transportation


  • Simple and quick to deploy.
  • Mat is simply rolled out for vertical and horizontal evacuation.
  • Allows members of staff to transport patients 2 – 3 times their own weight.
  • No lifting – uses roll and drag method.
  • Webbing Design provides patient stabilization.
  • Sled curves and wraps around evacuee for added protection.
  • Two securing cross straps.
  • Can be used with backboard or basket stretcher.
  • Each sled rolls up compactly into it’s own carry bag


  • ~453kg(1000lbs) Weight capacity (Bariatric ULTI-MAT)
  • Tested to ~680kg(1500lbs)
  • 2 person operation
  • Can be moved easily over virtually any surface
  • Narrow width and flexibility
  • Self contained storage bag
  • Can be used down stairs


Height – ~22cm (8.6 inches)

Width – ~54cm (21.2 inches)

Depth – ~24cm (9.4 inches)

Weight – ~4kg (9lb)


Length – ~200cm (78.7 inches)

Width – ~120cm (47.3 inches)

Depth – 2.54cm (1 inch)


Tested to – ~680kg (1500lbs)

Typical Safe Working Load – ~299kg (660lbs)


Tested to – ~680.38kg (1500lbs)

Typical Safe Working Load – ~453kg (1000lbs)


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